At home in New Glasgow

Elizabeth May
I have been living in New Glasgow, commuting to Ottawa as needed, since May 1st when I rented a lovely house on the Westside. I am now in the process of buying a house in New Glasgow that I totally love and planning a major energy retrofit for the house to make it ready for a low-carbon winter. Local supporters helped me celebrate a fun office opening party in late May at a wonderful location just after the bridge crossing into town, surrounded by heritage buildings along the river front. The office opening party was advertised in the local press. I have hardly been keeping a low profile in the community. So, it was more than a bit surprising to discover that this weekend's NDP provincial convention in Antigonish is (apparently) rife with rumours that I really do not plan to run in Central Nova after all. I have had calls from media who report that several people told them confidently that this was fact. I have had friends email to suggest that I put out a statement of some kind before the rumours get out of control. I hardly think a press release to squash a baseless rumour should be required, but let me use my little blog moment to say that: a) if anyone has heard that I have a secret crush on Stephen Harper; b) or that I am considering a career as a cabaret singer, or c) that I might not run in Central Nova, None of the above has a shred of truth.