A minority government represents diversity not indecision

Stephen LaFrenie

Why do we need 'no confidence' votes in the first place? Why not allow a minority government to run its full course? Simply replace the no-confidence vote with a mandated law that requires the budget bill to be passed by a free vote by a certain date. That way on an important issue like the budget you would not have party discipline rules forcing MPs to vote against their better judgment. In other words it goes through debate and if defeated by the parliament it gets re-written. This would force minority governments to form coalitions to achieve compromise. That’s why Canadians vote for minority situations. It’s a sign that we 1) don’t trust any one party with an unopposed majority and 2) we want them to cooperate to find the common ground between Canadians. A minority government represents diversity within the Canadian public, not indecision. Right now minority governments don't work because there is no law or legislation that forces it to try. The party in power can always manufacture a defeat in the house and thus only seek cooperation on one or two bills while looking for the ‘right’ mood to spark an election. We need to reduce the dictatorial powers of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister should not be allowed to determine what constitutes a vote of confidence thus forcing MPs to vote against their better judgment. The PM should not be allowed to call 'snap' elections. I don't necessarily agree with fixed election dates but instead allow Parliament to determine when an election should be held at the end of the mandate, again by free vote.
Majority governments with unopposed power are a dinosaur of the 20th century. A new century requires new thinking and only cooperative, minority/coalition governments that represent the rich, cultural diversities that make up modern Canada can do this. Until now there was no alternative to the liberals or the conservatives. Canadians clearly do not want an NDP majority government. Now there is an alternative party that can speak for those Canadians the NDP doesn’t speak for, the Green Party. If Canadians vote for a majority Liberal or Conservative government in the next election we will not lose five years. We will lose the next ten years. Why? It will take the first few years of the subsequent government to correct or react to the inactivity, indecision and damage done by the previous majority.

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