Off to the Body Shop

Elizabeth May

That was, of course, Anita Roddick’s original wry reference. A car garage for spare parts installation. I will be heading to Ottawa General (tomorrow for tests and Friday for surgery) to get a new hip installed. Total Hip Arthoplasty they call it. Amazing it is. As Paul Simon said, “These are the days of miracles and wonders…This is the long distance call…”

It is also the days when you can hope to walk again without pain. And thanks to the Canadian health care system, a single mother with no health insurance can get a hip replacement without wondering how to pay for it. Thank heavens (and Tommy Douglas) for that!

It is, despite the six months’ wait so far, a bit sudden. I was languishing on the wait list -- unlikely to be called for surgery before April 2008. That would have made a 14 month wait. Then we heard about the 24 hour cancellation list. Not ideal as it would (as it has) inevitably meant that when I got the call that there was a last minute cancellation, I would have to cancel existing commitments. I hate to do this on principle. But the surgeon’s office called Tuesday morning and that is that. Everyone has been very understanding. This is my one chance to have the operation and be pain free and get walking again before a likely election. If I say no, I am back to the April-maybe date. So, no one suggested I say no.

I am preparing the household. Baking enough bread to get through a while where I am not cooking. Removing those hazards that might trip me when I have a new and vulnerable hip to protect. I have no idea when I will get back to blogging. I certainly hope to be back, full force, (or even New and Improved) as soon as humanly possible. I am very grateful for all the messages I have received in the last few days, offering prayers and well wishes.

Thank you all. God Bless.