US & Canada almost halted Int'l Agreement in Bali

Jim Harris

The US finally made some concessions at Bali and Canada very grudgingly followed suit. Here are a few key clippings in case you missed them.

The BBC videoclips are quite good, particularly the one from Friends of the Earth which gives a summary of how the environmental activists feel about the Bali deal -- which is not too happy.

Isolated Canada Grudgingly Accepts Bali Deal (today's Globe & Mail electronic only)

US sets terms for climate talks (BBC - See this webpage for links to good videoclips on end of Bali talks news)

Move Over Kyoto ­ Here Comes a ‘Copenhagen Protocol’ (today's NYTimes - electronic only)

Bali climate talks a huge step forward: R K Pachauri (The Times of India - latest interview with IPCC chief Pauchauri)

No day at the beach in Bali: high drama leads to compromise at climate conference (Gristmill) This article has list of links to major news stories.

Governments pleased with defining climate deal (Guardian Unlimited)