Alberta Greens Leader turns 9 today! Hopes to be Premier by 10! Happy Birthday George!

Jim Harris

Today is George Read's birthday. George was born a leap year baby -- so today he's 9. Happy ninth birthday George!

The Calgary Herald writes this morning that George George "is hoping to becoming the premier of Alberta before he turns 10."

The leader of the Alberta Greens is working 16 hours days in the final stretch of the Provincial election -- and Eday is this Monday (March 3).

George is a fantastic guy! He committed to having fun while saving the world.

Preston Manning & George Read joke around at a Water event hosted by Corporate Knights magazine in Calgary.

George has had many accomplishments in his short 9 years. He's led the Alberta Greens to their first ever virtual full slate in this provincial election. And the Greens have been polling at the same level as the NDP -- a party that has four sitting MLAs.

George led Alberta to win the highest support of any province in the 2006 federal election -- and the party's first ever second place finish (Sean Maw in Wild Rose).

He served as the national campaign manager -- before realizing that with the inevitable provincial election he'd be required in Alberta so he stepped down.

So Happy ninth Birthday George -- and we all are wishing that you become premier before your 10th birthday!

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