NDP Opposes Commons Probe into Cadman Affair; Will Vote with Conservatives

Jim Harris

The NDP who voted with the Conservatives to extend the Afghanistan mission because they wanted to end it (you figure out the logic -- it goes something like we're voting for it because we oppose it.

Now the NDP are now opposed to getting to the root of the Cadman affair in Parliament. It seems they felt it was absolutely essential to have a Parliamentary Committee look into the Mulroney Schreiber Affair but not Cadman.

The NDP need a in-house logician. Because their positions are becoming harder and harder to understand.

For the Toronto Star article today see http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/309497

The NDP says you don't need a Commons committee to determine whether it's right or wrong to bribe a member of Parliament. Of course not!

But people go on the record when testifying and fabricated stories about what happened begin to unravel.