Vote Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

Elizabeth May

I have been out on the hustings as they say (wonder about the derivation of hustings…?  Since “riding” referred to the district a gentleman could ride in search of votes... hustings are perhaps some other anachronism like first past the post….)  in anticipation of tomorrow’s by-elections in Saskatchewan, Vancouver and two more in Toronto.  Our candidates have been winning people over in every single one.  They are committed, earnest, enthusiastic and very Green.   Dan Grice in Vancouver Quadra got a real boost from the endorsement of the Georgia Straight.  Chris Tindal in Toronto Centre has been cited in news reports as the candidate who wins the largest and noisiest rounds of applause as he debates the other mainstream parties.  Lou Carcasole in Willowdale is experiencing his first ever campaign, as is Robin Orr in Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill.  

Each of them has done the Green Party proud, regardless of the outcome.  They have conducted positive campaigns, not a single nasty spin or slur in sight.  They have educated audiences about important Green policies, significantly they have provided useful tutorials to the other parties and their candidates.  They have been hard working, positive messengers of hope.  They carry the word that a better world is possible.   Deep thanks in advance to Chris, Lou, Robin and Dan!!!  Well done!!

We are optimistic about tomorrow, but if anyone in those ridings reads this blog and wonders why they should vote Green, here are some solid reasons:

Vote for the party that best reflects your concerns to take care of our global ecosystem, that espouses programmes that will bring real peace, justice with First Nations, and that propose measures to actually end poverty in our time.

A vote for the Green Party sends the clearest possible signal that the old line parties have let you down and that you demand better.

A vote for the Green Party will help convince the news media that it is no longer acceptable to ignore us in elections.  (I saw and heard far too many stories on the by-election over major networks that failed to even mention a Green Party candidate was in the running!?) 

A vote for the Green Party will help convince the media consortium that as Leader, I must be included in the next televised leader’s debate in the next general election.

Vote for the party whose candidates have best espoused a politic of respect… who are dedicated to changing the climate in Parliament.

Vote Green on St. Patrick’s Day!!!  It says “Celebration” a lot more than having a green beer!