Guelph Going Green a Golden Opportunity: Guelph Mercury opinion piece

Jim Harris

An opinion piece in the Guelph Mercury says the “Federal byelection is a gold opportunity to go Green”

The August 2 piece by Sam Turton points out that the by-election will not change the political balance in Ottawa. Electing a backbench Liberal won’t change anything for Guelph or Canada. Similarly electing a backbench Conservative won’t change anything nor will a backbench NDPer.

Instead of voting based on fear as many electors do – i.e. they vote for a party they believe has the best chance of defeating the candidate, party or leader they most fear. In other words, many voters don’t vote for what they believe in they vote for the lesser to two evils. (But when you vote for bad government to avoid worst government you’re still left with bad government).

Turton asks, “Or are we best served by a candidate who, as the Green party's environment critic, will elevate this fundamental debate nationally -- for both Guelph and all Canadian citizens?”

“Think about it. With Mike Nagy in Ottawa, Guelph would be the first city in North America with a Green representative.”

“Guelph's progressive, environmental reputation will be boosted, and the media attention will bring many economic and cultural benefits. None of the other candidates are as likely to raise the environment -- or the city of Guelph -- to such an elevated status.”

“With a Green member in Parliament, party leader Elizabeth May would also be allowed to take part in the televised leader's debates in the next general election. It is important that Canadians hear the views of every party, and especially a party with such an essential message.”

“On Sept. 8 we can do the same old thing with the same old parties -- or we can shake off the cobwebs and do something extraordinary.”

“We've got nothing to lose and a world of good to gain.”

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