Coolest Green Video Ever!!! Groove in Guelph

Jim Harris

Watch the coolest Green video ever at You've just gotta, gotta see this video. Congratulations to Jason Hammond and George Jackson who made this amazing video. And this just in . . . a new biking video at

The Guelph Campaign is Rocking -- And we need your help. Come to Guelph!

Campaign Manager Stan Kozak; Office Manager Patti Maurice & Volunteer Coordinator Alison Campbell in front of Green campaign office

The Guelph Greens have THE BEST campaign office of any of the parties in the City. Every party wanted our location and it was Patti Maurice our fantastic Office Manager who scored this!! It's the busiest, highest profile, most trafficked intersection in Guelph. Sweet.

And Greens have already pledged more than 5,000 volunteer hours to this campaign!! We need to have more than 10,000 hours to win this campaign so we really, really need your help.

We've been having teams of Greens canvassing on Saturdays, starting at 11:30 am on; and then having a BBQ from 4 pm on!

Turn up to campaign HQ 73 Gordon St @ Wellington Phone # (519) 820-6899.

Overnight accommodation available! Stay the weekend. Bring your whole family. Bring a team from your riding! This is the best campaign university you'll ever experience. It's a complete blast!

In Guelph in the provincial election just 10 months ago the Guelph Greens targeted just 42 polls with canvassing and literature -- and guess what????!!! The Guelph Greens won EVERY SINGLE poll they targeted.

At the time they just didn't have enough people to canvass all 200 polls. But this campaign is many times bigger!! We are going to canvass every single dwelling!! And this byelection campaign will have three times the budget and will 5 times more volunteer hours than the campaign 10 months ago!

If you're coming from out of town RSVP to Martin Lavictoire 519 362-8872

Or if you want you can canvass from your home using the GPC Virtual Phone Bank (called GRIMES) call Mark Kersten 613 422 4515

Support Mike's campaign by signing up on his Facebook page at

Come to Guelph and campaign on the weekend and then party!

Download the canvassing invitation -- 6 to a page below and hand them out at your next GPC event and get a carload coming to Guelph.

The Campaign to Elect Mike Nagy just raised $14,000 last week -- mostly from people who called into the office to donate without even being asked!!!

The campaign spending limit is $91,000 -- and I know in my bones that we're going to raise that much -- so it's going to be the biggest spending campaign ever in GPC history!!!