Miramichi—Grand Lake

Patty Deitch has been a registered nurse since 1973. In the past 20 years, she has worked with the mental health clinic and then at a senior teaching association with the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Nursing (Bathurst Campus). Throughout her career, Patty has worked to change the lives of those who are marginalized or who experience systemic racism based on her commitment to social justice and respect for diversity.

Over the years, Patty has served on community boards for vulnerable and homeless youth, women and children leaving situations of intimate partner abuse and poverty reduction. She has also been involved with community stakeholders who lobbied against environmentally harmful industrial developments.

As a member of both the provincial and federal Green Party, Patty ran as a provincial candidate in 2013, and as a federal candidate in 2019. She has also been very active in the campaigns of other Green Party candidates.

If asked, however, Patty would say her most important work has been raising her adult children and being blessed by them and her beloved grandson. This love pushes her to continue working toward a better, safer and more equitable society for them and all people.