Michelle Corcos is an acupuncturist-herbalist who has volunteered for political causes for nearly fifteen years.

Michelle got her start in political activism in high school, when she founded the group Les Verts-de-Terre. The Montreal Protocol had just been signed, and Quebec and Canada were leaders in environmental issues. She went on to pursue studies in environment, then in hotel management, before finding her way as a self-employed worker in traditional Chinese medicine. Fluently bilingual, Michelle began her involvement with the Green Party of Canada in British Columbia, where she lived for eight years before her family chose to return to the Eastern Townships. She is married with three children.

As a holistic health therapist, Michelle has witnessed the effect of pollution on health — traditional Chinese medicine has acknowledged the link between human health and the environment for thousands of years. Aware of the urgency of the climate crisis and inaction of career politicians, she knows that it is time for her to get directly involved in politics as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada.