Niagara Falls

Melanie lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, with her husband and two children. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and has been the volunteer coordinator for the Niagara Greens since 2018.

Melanie grew up in the interior of B.C. and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from Thompson Rivers University in 2004 before moving to Vancouver for her Bachelor of Education at UBC. Melanie taught for several years before she and her husband moved to his hometown of Niagara Falls in 2010, where she worked in retail prior to having children.

Melanie is passionate about supporting the local community and the people within it through various volunteer efforts and as an enthusiastic supporter of local artisans, events and small businesses. She believes we all have a responsibility to protect our environment and that addressing climate change needs to be a greater priority to all levels of government.

When Melanie isn’t talking about politics, you might find her reading, hiking, baking or simply spending quality time with her family.