Tim Grant has been the Green candidate in University-Rosedale in recent federal and provincial elections. For 26 years, he co-edited Green Teacher magazine along with ten books and hosted 85 webinars covering a variety of education topics. He currently serves as the non-profit’s publisher. Tim’s heart is also in his hood. He was the chair of the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA) for seven years and a board member for fourteen. During that time, he worked with most of the residents’ associations in the riding on a variety of projects. He currently chairs HVRA’s NetZero Carbon committee, organizing bulk purchase discounts on electric vehicles and home energy retrofit equipment and services so that all of us can reduce our carbon footprint. He is also an active member of the steering committees of Charter City Toronto and Environmental Education Ontario. Tim has the passion, experience, skill and leadership to be your MP in Ottawa.