Wayne is a fourth generation farmer living in the Beausejour area. At the close of the 20th century, Wayne had an epiphany moment when he realized that the herbicides and pesticides he was using were in fact poisonous to the land and the life it supported. In Wayne's words, "I was Dr. Death." With this realization, he became an organic farmer.

Over the years, Wayne has pursued his love of learning and obtained a BA from the University of Winnipeg. Putting his life experience to the test, Wayne has written and performed fringe theatre plays internationally. In subsequent years this passion for the arts has led him to work in theatre, film and television. In later years he studied and then taught advanced driving skills to professionals such as police and ambulance drivers as well as the general public.

As a farmer, Wayne recognizes the wisdom and principles of collective self-interest represented by the former Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). He adds his voice to those who call for common vision and ideals.