Battle River—Crowfoot

Daniel Brisbin is a wildfire lookout and an avid birder. Raised in Three Hills, this 29-year-old is ready to represent rural Alberta with the tenacity of a western tanager and the fortitude of a snowy owl. He has driven thousands of kilometers of gravel roads and visited many of the towns in the Battle River—Crowfoot area while searching for rare and elusive species of birds. His love for wildlife includes a passion for habitat protection.

Daniel has earned a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Peace River Bible Institute, and a Forest Technology Diploma from NAIT. While spending the last three fire seasons at a remote fire lookout in northern Alberta, he has kept a vigilant watch over 5,000 square kilometers of forest.

Daniel is a candidate who understands the struggles of those who feel ignored by the present government. He is ready to bring the very real concerns of working class rural Albertans to Ottawa for the first time in Canadian history.