Holocaust Remembrance Day

OTTAWA -- Today marks Yom Hashoah U'Mered HaGetaot, Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we honour the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazi regime.  It has been 65 years since the end of World War II and the Holocaust and we still have lessons to learn about preventing anything like this atrocious time from happening again.

The theme for this year's Day of Remembrance is about keeping the memory alive.  Canadians can keep the memory alive by taking time to remember and think about how insidious intolerance can be and how we can take steps each day to fight against indifference.  Whether we light a candle, say a prayer, take time to learn about Jewish history or simply perform an act of kindness, we can all make sure to honour the heroism of the survivors and work to make sure our society is one of peace and community.