Greens saddened by the loss of Jim Bohlen

OTTAWA - Founding member of both Greenpeace and the Canadian Federal Green Party, Jim Bohlen, passed away on Monday at the age of 84.  An ardent environmental activist known for his anti-nuclear campaigning, Jim had a profound impact on the growth and structure of the Green Party of Canada.

Jim was a Green Party candidate in the riding of Vancouver Quadra during the 1984 federal election. The fledgling Green Party ran a slate of 59 candidates that year, garnering National Party status only a year after the Party was founded.

“He was one of the original Greens who was way ahead of his time on key issues such as organic agriculture, renewable energy and Green politics," said Deputy Leader Adriane Carr. " Jim was an amazing man who stayed true to his principles. He will be missed."

"Jim played a key role in establishing Sierra Club of Canada," said Leader Elizabeth May. "I was honoured to know him as a Sierra Club activist and as a Green."

Mr. Bohlen is survived by his wife, Marie and three children.

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