Greens Wish a Happy Chinese New Year : 绿党恭祝大家中国新年快乐

OTTAWA -- Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year from the Green Party of Canada!  Today is the beginning of the Year of the Water Dragon, who brings calm, empathy, optimism and hope.  “I wish everyone a prosperous and peaceful year with many positive changes,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

The Year of the Water Dragon only occurs once every sixty years and offers us the chance to reach for our dreams with new beginnings and new directions. The Green Party wishes everyone joy, prosperity and longevity for the New Year of the water Dragon!


    加拿大綠黨祝您新年快樂!今天是水龍年第一天,水龍能帶來平和、共鳴、樂觀、希望。綠黨領袖兼薩尼治—海灣群島選區議員伊麗莎白·梅伊(Elizabeth May)“敬祝大家在新年裡和平興旺,興興向榮。”


Rebecca Harrison