Statement on International Day of Democracy

(OTTAWA)Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich–Gulf Islands), issued the following statement on International Day of Democracy:

“Stephen Harper has severely damaged our democracy. During his time as Prime Minister, he has committed the following assaults on our democratic institutions:

  • Unprecedented use of omnibus ‎budget bills;
  • Whipped votes and scripted parliamentary committees; 
  • Rejected 99% of amendments to legislation;
  • Broke all historical records in time allocations -forcing through bills without adequate debate;
  • Passed measures through Order in Council - in secret without parliament's knowledge;
  • Withheld information from Parliament;
  • Breached the dividing line between political and non-partisan activities by gagging scientists and scripting departmental reports as partisan spin instead of facts;
  • First administration found guilty of contempt of parliament;
  • Ignored the principle that parliament controls the public purse.

"The Green Party believes that a Member of Parliament fundamentally works for their constituents, not for their political party. That is why we don't whip votes. It is critical that we restore parliamentary democracy, reduce the power of the PMO, and work across party lines for the good of Canadian families.

“The Green Party believes in a democracy in which all citizens have the right to express their views. I am pleased to support Fair Vote Canada, an organization that works to implement Proportional Representation for Canada. Green MPs will work to fix a first-past-the-post system and bring in propositional representation before the next election.

 “One of the essential elements of a functioning democracy is a high level of participation on voting day,” said May. “I encourage all Canadians to think about the issues that matter to them and vote on Oct. 19.”


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