Trans Pacific Partnership a threat to Canada’s sovereignty says Green Party

(OTTAWA)  -Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate (Saanich-Gulf Islands) reacted to Canadians’ concerns about the Trans Pacific Partnership, following farmers’ protests in Ottawa yesterday.

“The Green Party is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),” stated May. “It is an Investor State agreement that threatens Canada’s sovereignty. In 2012 we signed a joint statement of Green Party parliamentarians throughout the region to express our serious concern at the fundamentally undemocratic and non-transparent nature of the TPP agreement. The TPP negotiations are yet another disturbing example of Harper’s pattern of unaccountable, secretive, and undemocratic practices.”

“We must protect Canadian dairy farmers and auto manufacturers,” continued May. “Canadians clearly don’t agree with the TPP. Yesterday, we saw a demonstration that included dairy farmers from Quebece outraged over the TPP. Again today, dairy farmers in Prince Edward Island are protesting.”

Paul Manly, campaigning to win a seat in the riding of Nanaimo—Ladysmith and the Green Party International Trade critic, continued: “Elected Green MPs will work collaboratively with the next minority government to do a full-scale global review of all investor-state agreements.”

“We must revise and improve trade agreements to rebalance rights of democracies and reduce global corporate rule.”


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