Green Party of Canada Statement on World Health Day 2016

(OTTAWA) - The Green Party of Canada released the following statement for World Health Day 2016:

“This year’s World Health Day focus is on diabetes, which affects an estimated 9 million Canadians and 350 million people worldwide. The number of Canadians with diabetes or prediabetes is expected to rise to 11.4 million by 2025, and Indigenous populations are at even greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This is a health crisis that desperately needs to be addressed,” said Daniel Green, Green Party Health Critic and Deputy Leader.

“We call on the Liberal government to direct Health Canada funding to counter the prevalence of on-reserve diabetes, which is at least three times higher the diabetes rate of Non-Indigenous peoples,” Mr. Green said.

“Every country in the developed world with a universal healthcare system provides coverage for prescription medication except Canada,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada. “We’re wasting up to $10 billion annually by not bulk-buying our prescription medication. Canada needs to do much more to support seniors’ health and to invest in preventative health care. I encourage all Canadians to take control of their health and celebrate those supporting people in poor health across this great country.”

“Beyond pharmaceutical responses, we must ensure children have access, regardless of family income, to healthy food. Processed and sugary drinks and snacks should be discouraged, through labeling and taxation. Diabetes is a particular crisis ‎in First Nations communities. Our dedication to healthy living must embrace all Canadian children,” Ms. May concluded.


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