Green Party Statement on Seniors Day

OTTAWA — Seniors, a majority of whom are women, comprise a growing proportion of Canada’s total population. They built the society we now enjoy, have a wealth of experience, and continue to contribute to the economic and social life of our communities and country. To enhance the quality of life for our seniors, the Green Party will enact programs such as the Guaranteed Livable Income, Pharmacare, better public transportation, home retrofits and affordable housing.

“Today is National Seniors Day and I want to assure Canadian seniors that the Green Party is keenly aware of the challenges we are facing,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. “Seniors are the ‘elders’ of our community and we should be treated with dignity and respect. In Indigenous communities worldwide, the elders are revered for their wisdom, and are regularly consulted on community matters. Today too many seniors in our society live below the poverty line and suffer from depression and loneliness. We have to make heartbreaking decisions between buying medicine, food or paying the rent. It should not be this way and Greens will advocate to change this scenario.”

The Green Party platform includes, but is not limited to, the following commitments:

  • In collaboration with health professionals and provincial/territorial governments, Greens will develop and fund a national dementia strategy. The strategy would support research, improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, and educate the public to increase awareness and reduce stigma.
  • Support innovative home-sharing plans and other measures to allow people to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Create more long-term care beds in neighbourhood facilities.

“An essential outcome of the social contract between government and citizens is to make sure people can live fulfilling and dignified lives in their senior years. Greens will make sure that this happens,” concluded Ms. May

Read the Green Party Platform to learn more about the policies a Green government will enact  for seniors.

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