Green Party Statement on National day of observance to commemorate those who died from COVID-19

OTTAWA -- Today, the Green Party of Canada joins with people across Canada to mourn the loss of more than 22,000 of our neighbours, friends, and fellow members of the Canadian community.  

“A year ago, our lives were changed forever as the coronavirus spread around the world and found its way to cities, towns, and villages across Canada,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul.  “As we mark this solemn anniversary, it is a time to reflect on what has been lost, what has been sacrificed and the courage we have witnessed. Across Canada and in every corner of the globe we have witnessed resilience; we have seen and heard about the millions of selfless gestures, large and small, that people have made to protect their neighbours and their communities and to support each other. 

“We each have our stories. In my case, my father died while in a long-term care home, a death that could have been avoided under other circumstances. So today, I think of him. I think of my mother, 84 years old, who just received her first vaccination. I think of all those who are waiting for their vaccinations, in this country and around the world; of those who are still unprotected yet show up daily as they have throughout this pandemic, to keep us safe, make sure our food supply is strong, care for our elderly, our children, protect our cities and communities. I think of all the frontline, essential workers who have not wavered in their responsibilities to provide for our societal needs. I thank them all. 

“Today the Green Party reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that every day, in every way, we will work cooperatively when possible, and hold the government accountable when necessary, to make sure that every Canadian continues to be protected, and that no one falls through the cracks. So, as we pay tribute to all those we have lost, and to all that has been sacrificed during this terrible time, I believe that our greatest tribute is to make sure that we complete safety net so that all those lives have not been lost in vain and that everyone in this country can live in dignity from the first day to the last.” 

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