Green Party Statement on World Press Freedom Day

OTTAWA  – The theme for this year’s World Press Freedom Day – Information As A Public Good – highlights “the importance of cherishing information as a public good, and exploring what can be done in the production, distribution and reception of content to strengthen journalism, and to advance transparency and empowerment while leaving no one behind.” 

“Over the past few years we have witnessed how the dissemination of disinformation can shift the narrative in dangerous directions, eroding public trust in accredited media sources and harming people and communities,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. 

“During the past year, we have witnessed concerted efforts in some quarters to undermine public trust in mainstream news sources and open the floodgates for dangerous conspiracy theories to flourish. When left unchecked and unchallenged, this erosion of media legitimacy has had some alarming consequences.

“While some larger media outlets have managed to navigate the transition to digital platforms, others have faltered, forcing many smaller, local outlets to close their doors, or be absorbed by multinationals, resulting in corporate concentration of ownership. We must continue to invest in Canada’s public media and strive for impartiality.

“In its 2019 platform the Green Party identified that a vibrant, diverse media sector is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy and pledged to increase funding to CBC and Radio Canada while reforming the governance structure of both, to remove the potential for political interference in board appointments.

“Finally, this is a day to honour the journalists who face danger every day to keep us informed. The International Federation of Journalists reported that 65 journalists and media staff were killed last year during targeted incidents in 16 countries. It is incumbent upon all governments to ensure freedom of the press. Greens will continue to advocate for a press that is unencumbered by political or corporate influence, one that represents and reflects the interests of all Canadians. ”

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