Green Party Statement on UN World Environment Day

OTTAWA – This year’s UN World Environment Day calls on the world to “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore” – a plea for the revival of the world’s ecosystems through planting trees, greening urban centres, rewilding gardens and neighbourhoods, changing diets and cleaning up rivers and coastlines. 

“For Greens, protecting and caring for nature is integral to our core values, and the party’s platform and policies reflect that,”  said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “But it is important to acknowledge that an essential component of protecting the environment must include strengthening social safety nets and advocating for just societies in Canada and beyond. As long as vast societal inequities endure, achieving global protection for the natural world will continue to be a challenge. 

“The pandemic has highlighted how interconnected we are. And as the climate crisis worsens, it will be vital for countries to collaborate. The Green Party will continue to hold the government accountable on issues of environmental concern: the climate emergency, conservation, environmental justice and building a sustainable green economy.”

Ms. Paul observed that reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples is key to protecting nature. “Indigenous land rights in Canada and around the world remain under threat from resource extraction projects and other types of development. It is unconscionable that there continues to be insufficient protection for peoples whose participation is critical as we confront future ecological challenges.”

The Green Party acknowledges that Indigenous Peoples have stewarded lands and waters in their traditional territories for centuries. A Green government will respect Indigenous sovereignty over self-defined and self-governed lands – whether First Nations, Métis Nation or Inuit – and respect all rights that their title to land entails, including the right to stewardship.

“Many Canadians are already choosing, whenever possible, to live more sustainably,” said Ms. Paul. “Whether it’s using public transportation, supporting local agriculture, joining a community garden or volunteering at a neighbourhood park or wildlife refuge, these actions all contribute to restoring and protecting the environment. So today, and every day, let’s continue to do what we can to live on the Earth as lightly as possible.”

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