Statement for UN Human Rights Day 2021

OTTAWA – As COVID-19 variants continue to develop and are a threat to populations around the world, the theme of this year’s UN Human Rights Day –  Equality; Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights – is a timely reminder that vaccine access must be addressed as one of the major factors affecting the global response to this global pandemic.

“Every person has the right to a healthy life, regardless of where or how they live,” said interim Green Party Leader Amita Kuttner. “Vaccine nationalism – where rich countries are securing more doses than are required to vaccinate their populations several times over while poorer countries struggle to vaccinate even their most vulnerable individuals – is a clear denial of the basic human right to live a healthy life.”

Dr. Kuttner called on the federal government to make Canada the leader of a global effort to guarantee vaccine equity for all the world’s citizens.

“As we continue to deal with an evolving virus, the biggest lesson we can take away is that until everyone is safe, no one is safe,” they said. “We must work in cooperation and solidarity with all the countries of the world to bring this crisis to a safe and equitable conclusion.”


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