2021 Young Greens Council Elections

The results are in!


Please welcome your new Young Greens Council members:

Co-Chair: Stuart Hunter

Ontario Representative: Gabriel Blanc

New Brunswick Representative: Delaney Crawford

Quebec Representative: Nathe Perrone

Voting report

View the full results of voting in the 2021 YGC Council elections >>

Young Greens of Canada Council

The purpose of the Young Greens of Canada (YGC) is to:

  • support the Green Party in their efforts to elect candidates to the House of Commons;
  • ensure a youth voice is part of debating and forming legislation in Canada’s Parliament;
  • ensure a youth voice is part of developing the policy, positions, and platforms of the Party;
  • facilitate the involvement of young Canadians and encourage youth-friendly structures and atmosphere within the YGC and the Party more broadly; and
  • ensure the Principles of the Global Greens Charter that reference young people are respected and prioritized.

As the governance body of the YGC, the YGC Council provides leadership and representation for the Young Greens membership. In this role, they are responsible for ensuring that the above aims are being met with the support of staff, and for providing the strategic direction needed to achieve them. This means making decisions on strategic goals and advising on the budget, advocating for youth both within the Party and out, and spearheading a diverse array of projects aimed at growing the Young Greens movement and encouraging youth engagement in politics.

View the current composition of the YGC Council >>

Important dates

The deadline for nominations is June 25th at 3:00pm EDT. The deadline to sign up new members in order for them to be able to vote is July 12th.

Online voting will begin on July 12th at 3:00pm EDT. The deadline to request a paper ballot is July 26th. Voting will end on August 11th. The results of the election will be announced on this site by August 19th.


governance@greenparty.ca or 1-866-868-3447