Update on Green Party Leadership Donations

OTTAWA - Following an internal review, and with the cooperation of the Glen Murray Leadership Campaign, the Green Party of Canada is able to provide an update on the misreporting of directed contributions to that campaign.   

In collaboration with Murray’s campaign we have identified 35 donations which were incorrectly processed. As a result the GPC has added approximately $9,630 to the contributions for the Murray campaign. The GPC recognizes that every dollar counts and we are taking every step possible to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

The party would like to assure members that every measure is being taken to ensure that all valid membership donations are confirmed and those individuals are able to vote. Less than ten membership registrations were affected, and all are being resolved in time to vote.

We have not received reports of any further issues at this time from the Murray campaign or any other contestants.

The party continues to review all donations to ensure accuracy. We thank the Glen Murray campaign for their cooperation, understanding and patience.

# # #

For more information contact:

Rosie Emery

Press Secretary