President Biden has demonstrated real climate leadership by revoking Keystone XL, and now it is Canada's turn to do the same says Annamie Paul

OTTAWA – ”Today’s Executive Order revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline is powerful proof that President Biden is determined to make climate leadership a hallmark of his presidency,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul.

“Not only has President Biden cancelled Keystone, America will re-enter the Paris Agreement, and he has committed to establishing a carbon border, effectively putting a tariff on certain goods imported from countries with weak greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction policies.

“Given that Canada has consistently failed to honour its international climate commitments, now is the time to follow President Biden's example and step up. The cancellation of Keystone means that Canada need not expend political capital lobbying for the project. Instead, Prime Minister Trudeau can focus on working with the Biden administration to ensure that North America becomes a world leader on the climate and the green economy. 

“We must focus on a Green Recovery that will build the clean energy economy of the future. It is so frustrating to see workers in the oilpatch let down time and again by politicians that, instead of looking out for them, continues to double-down on bad investments in a declining industry. As the sister of a roughneck in the oilpatch, I understand their anxiety, and they should know that they are our first priority. We don't want to see any of them left behind because their government has failed to plan for their future until it's too late.

"The Green Party was the first party to propose a North American Carbon Border to protect Canadian workers and businesses. We are the only federal party committed to ending new pipeline construction and oil and gas exploration projects and instead using those funds to invest in Cleantech, a sector estimated to be worth US$3 trillion globally by 2030.

“We are tired of seeing Canada fall behind in the global race to launch a green economy while other countries, and now the U.S., push ahead in planning a Green Recovery. We know what has to be done, and Greens understand that we have the chance of a lifetime. All that is lacking in Canada is the political leadership. President Biden today has shown leadership and we now have a partner to the south. Now is the time for Canada to show that we are serious about protecting the climate and the future of Canadian workers.”

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