A Place To Grow: Green Party Leader Annamie Paul announces her intention to run in the Province of Ontario in the upcoming federal campaign


GPC Leader Annamie Paul to run for a seat in Ontario in the upcoming Federal campaign




OTTAWA – Green Party Leader Annamie Paul announced her intention tonight to run for a seat in the House of Commons in her home province of Ontario. Mme. Paul announced her decision virtually during a Green Party Member Town Hall Thursday evening.

“Ontario is where I was born and raised; with many people in the province being left behind in the midst of a historic crisis, I cannot turn away. I will stand up for them while we continue to face the pandemic and make sure they are included in our recovery,” said Mme. Paul.

With strong Green support on the East and West coasts, the Green Party of Canada believes this momentous decision signals the Leader’s intention for the party to become a force to be reckoned with in Central Canada. 

“Greens are offering a positive, progressive, daring vision for Canada, and we will be running to win all across the country,” said Mme. Paul. “With this goal in mind, running in Ontario offers the perfect chance to grow the party.”

The specific riding in which the Leader will run will be announced once a decision has been reached.

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