Green Party calls on Moe to hit the brakes on nuclear plans in Saskatchewan

REGINA – Green Party of Canada interim Leader Amita Kuttner has joined her Saskatchewan Green Party counterpart Naomi Hunter in calling on Premier Scott Moe to abandon his push to bring nuclear technology in the form of small modular reactors (SMRs) to the province.

In a joint statement, the two leaders said that choosing the expensive nuclear option is a disastrous misstep when cheaper, cleaner and more reliable sources of energy are readily available. Saskatchewan had one of the best solar programs in the country before the Saskatchewan Party destroyed it. We are considered by experts to be the best place for solar in the country due to our high sun quantity. Despite this, the SaskParty is pushing nuclear.

“SMRs are a technology still in development and come with many unaddressed issues, including cost, and disposal of nuclear waste.” they said. “They don’t even exist yet and, even when they do, it will take at least a decade to get them online. The worsening climate crisis means that we need zero-carbon energy today. Renewable energy alternatives will reduce greenhouse gas emission much more economically and effectively.

““We call on the provincial government to reverse course and make immediate investments in a massive expansion of wind, solar and geothermal generation as well as conservation and energy-efficient building retrofits.”


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