Appointment of Rainbow Eyes as Second Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada

OTTAWA - Green Party of Canada Leaders, Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault (currently Deputy Leader) are delighted to announce the appointment of Rainbow Eyes as second Deputy Leader. Ooh-mah Ah-nise!

As the Green Party moves towards officially adopting co-leadership, the two existing positions of Deputy Leader will be maintained.

"We are immensely pleased and honored that Rainbow Eyes, currently standing convicted of criminal contempt for her defense of the old growth forest of Fairy Creek, has accepted a senior role within the Green Party of Canada. As they await sentencing, we, as Greens, couldn't be prouder of Rainbow Eyes for her personal courage, integrity, and deep allegiance to our living world," said Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault.

As Deputy Leader, Rainbow Eyes will work closely with Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault to promote the Green Party's vision and values, and to engage with Canadians from all backgrounds. She will also play a key role in building and strengthening relationships with other political parties, as well as with organizations and individuals who share the Party's goals.

Leader Elizabeth May added, "Rainbow Eyes brings a wealth of experience and commitment to environmental protection to our leadership team. Her dedication to defending the natural world aligns perfectly with the values of the Green Party, and we look forward to working together to advance our shared goals."

Rainbow is committed to working tirelessly towards a more sustainable and just future for all Canadians, and she is eager to collaborate with Elizabeth May, Jonathan Pedneault, and other Party members to achieve this goal.

“I am so honored and overjoyed to stand alongside Elizabeth and Johnathan, who I so deeply respect," said Rainbow Eyes. “I embrace this position with Spirit and a burning belief in our ability to make a positive impact now. As a Guardian & Protector of Mother Earth, I proudly carry the legacy of my Ancestors and honor the heart of Indigenous culture and way of life.”

Rainbow Eyes previously served as Deputy Leader to former interim Green leader Amita Kuttner and is a longstanding member of the Green Party's Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle.


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Fabrice Lachance Nové

Press secretary