Green Party of Canada Calls for Unified Action Against Foreign Interference

OTTAWA – Following the release of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians' (NSICOP) report on foreign interference in Canadian politics, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has urged all party leaders to engage in a constructive dialogue aimed at addressing the findings and strengthening democratic safeguards. The Party is sending a letter to fellow party leaders, inviting them to join in a unified effort to combat foreign interference. This letter will underscore the commitment to working together across party lines for the greater good of our democracy.

In a press conference today, Elizabeth May emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach among political leaders to combat foreign interference. "It's time for an adult conversation where we can discuss frankly about the implications of this report among leaders with security clearance," said May. "We need to focus on actions that protect our democracy, not on labeling individuals."

The NSICOP report, released earlier this month, highlighted concerns about foreign states' efforts to influence federal party nominations and leadership races. Despite initial differences in interpretation between Elizabeth May and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, both leaders have clarified that no current MPs were targeted in the report, dispelling earlier misconceptions.

"Singh's recent clarification aligns with our understanding that there are no traitors among our current colleagues," said Leader Elizabeth May. "While our tones may differ, our perception of the report and the importance of addressing foreign interference remain the same."

Deputy Leader Jonathan Pedneault echoed May's sentiments, emphasizing the need for substantive actions. "The Green Party calls for concrete measures to protect our democratic processes. This includes robust legislative reforms and enhanced cooperation among parties to safeguard against external influence," Pedneault stated.

The Green Party of Canada remains dedicated to upholding Canadian institutions and ensuring the integrity of our democratic processes amidst growing concerns over foreign interference.

The attached letter has been sent


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