The Green Party of Canada statement on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Montreal — The Green Party of Canada wishes all Quebecers a very happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.

Elizabeth May, GPC Leader (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands), said: “On Quebec's National Day, I wish all Quebecers a wonderful celebration. This is a time to highlight the language and culture of the Quebec Nation.”

Daniel Green, Deputy Party Leader, added: “On this occasion, my thoughts are with the territory of Quebec. A people, a nation must have its territory. This year, Quebec saw its territory, which it shares with its Indigenous Peoples, suffer the impact of climate change. There were floods in the south, erosion of our coastlines in the east, and premature ice melting in Northern Quebec. If nothing is done, Quebec in 2117 will be very different from what it is in 2017. The Indigenous Peoples have taught us that a nation is built upon its territory.”

Joey Leckman, GPC spokesperson for Quebec, agreed with Ms. May and Mr. Green: "I believe that our way of life, celebrated today, underscores the differences between Quebec culture and that of the rest of Canada through our history, our language and our territory.”

A resident of Prévost on the North Shore of Montreal, Mr. Leckman added: “Quebec must not let pipeline projects scar the Quebec landscape, given all the well-known risks of such projects.”

Elizabeth May concluded: “The Green Party of Canada will continue to defend the language and culture of Quebec, as well as its territory against climate change. The best gift that Justin Trudeau, a Quebec MP, can give Quebecers on Quebec’s day of celebration would be to order that the Energy East pipeline project be dropped. In the meantime, Happy National Day to all Quebecers!”

- 30 -

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