Green Party Statement on UN World Environment Day

    Statement | Saturday, 05 Jun 2021
    OTTAWA – This year’s UN World Environment Day calls on the world to “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore” – a plea for the revival of the world’s ecosystems through planting trees, greening urban centres,...

    Green Party Statement for Canadian Environment Week

    Statement | Sunday, 30 May 2021
    OTTAWA – Canadian Environment Week highlights the importance of conserving and protecting Canada’s abundant natural resources. This year’s theme, Ecosystem Restoration, promotes awareness and action...

    Green Party Statement for Paramedic Services Week

    Statement | Monday, 24 May 2021
    OTTAWA  – The Green Party of Canada thanks Canada’s paramedics for their selfless service and acknowledges their courage and dedication. The theme for this year’s Paramedics Service Week, Paramedic...